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But if you are using this term, then you have to remember that it also has a fairly racist colonial history, and that history is part of its popular use, and hence part of the aura of meaning that hangs around the word.

In many ways words have their own directives independent of intention, and use of the term usually evokes those histories and assumptions.... or at least that seems to be the case to me. 

so basically i would be careful with that term - and wonder why i had to use it, and what i wanted (consciously or unconsciously) to imply about those i apply it to..... 

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Hello David -

Alex Golub's information on the term"tribe" is very good. If you would
like information on the current use of the terminology to describe the
gropings and organization of online cultures, give Steve Wheeler's
"Connected Minds, Emerging Cultures" a look. He has a chapter titled
"Digital Tribes, Virtual Clans" that goes into a good introduction of
his perception of the delineation. While the term is problematic as it
arose in anthropology historically, folks in CMC, social networking
analysis, and HCI use it quite regularly with a very specific definition.

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>> air-l at listserv.aoir.org
>> Hello
>> In 1871 Charles Darwin mentioned the notion of tribes in his book
>> 'Descent of Man'.
>> I am conducting some preliminary secondary research into the nature and
>> activities of online, primarily social media based 'tribes'. I am
>> looking for:
>> 1. sources of literature from a general Social Sciences / Humanities
>> perspective
>> 2. any research or case studies that exist (preferably qualitative)
>> Please note my interest and future focus is Australasian in nature,
>> however any sources would be helpful.
>> I am also particularly interested in any data on youth based (or managed
>> social media) tribal activity.
>> Any assistance / guidance at this very preliminary stage would be
>> greatly appreciated.
>> Regards
>> David W Reid
>> Lecturer, Advertising
>> SCCI, Faculty of Arts
>> Charles Sturt University
>> Australia
>> dareid at csu.edu.au
>> http://au.linkedi

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