[Air-L] Interesting research on Video of the Oppressed in Latin America

Rick Duque rickduque at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 13 19:16:39 PST 2013

My apologies for cross posting,

Fascinating action research developing in Guatemala.  Please consider if you find 
it interesting and circulate if you have colleagues who are interested 
in the use of digital video in developing nations. 


Recent publication on Video of the Oppressed

DeGennaro, D. and R. B. Duque (2012) Video of the
Oppressed: Theory and Application, in B. Portfilio,
C. Malott and T. Kress (eds) Challenging Status Quo Retrenchment: New
Directions in Critical Qualitative Research. Information Age Publishers. 

the fact that research indicates the importance of culturally relevant
curriculum, educational experiences continue to be disconnected from the lives,
communities, and ways of learning of underrepresented youth.  This chapter unites the concept of
Pedagogy of the Oppressed and video research methodologies to explore the ways
in which learning can become more connected to the lives of youth.  To do this, we offer an account of
applying this methodology with youth in a rural mountain town in the Dominican
Republic.  We discuss the
affordances and constraints of Video of the Oppressedthroughout our reflection on this application.  Within this account we highlight the
relevance of allowing learning to emerge with youth as they participate in
directing the learning experience.  


Rick Duque

Assistant Professor of Sociology
St. Cloud State University 

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