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*Call for Chapters: *

*Global Wikipedia: International and cross-cultural issues in online 

*Important dates:*

Proposals Submission Due: January 31, 2013

Full Chapters Due: March 15, 2013

Final Submission Due: July 1, 2013

*Editors *(to whom chapters should be sent and questions addressed):**

Pnina Fichman (fichman at indiana.edu <mailto:fichman at indiana.edu>); Noriko 
Hara (nhara at indiana.edu <mailto:nhara at indiana.edu>)

Indiana University, Bloomington.



Wikipedia offers articles in 285 languages and more than 80% of 
Wikipedia articles are written in languages other than English. In 
addition, the English Wikipedia itself attracts users from all over the 
world. This global nature of Wikipedia provides a rich socio-technical 
environment to examine a wide range of international and cross-cultural 
issues. Despite the global reach of Wikipedia, most of the published 
works about Wikipedia are based on the English site. More research 
should pay attention to the global, multilingual nature of Wikipedia to 
gain a better understanding of online international cooperation, on one 
hand, and of cross-cultural variations in mass knowledge production 
processes and outcomes, on the other. The purpose of this book is to 
explore a wide range of international and cross-cultural issues as they 
are manifested on Wikipedia. We are particularly interested in research 
that takes a socio-technical perspective on the global Wikipedia and 
integrates social theory to explain online interactions. For example, we 
invite studies on online global collaboration, coordination, and 
conflict management in this rich socio-technical environment. We hope 
that these works will highlight implications for other socio-technical 
environments or extend the use and development of social theory. This 
unique publication aims to be a collection of international and 
cross-cultural research on the Wikipedia.We expect that this edited 
volume will appeal to academic researchers, graduate, and undergraduate 
students interested in Wikipedia and, more broadly, in social studies of 
information and communication technologies, as well as to Wikipedia 

*Recommended topics*:

We are seeking chapters that include both empirical and conceptual work 
and soliciting innovative analysis of international and cross-cultural 
aspects of Wikipedia to be part of this book.

Appropriate topics for chapters include (but are not limited to) the 
following list:

·Case studies of Wikipedia in one of the 285 languages, with special 
interest in small and medium size Wikipedias; for example, focusing on 
policies, processes, interactions or information quality

·Conflict and collaboration in editing international entries on any 
particular language of Wikipedia

·International and cross-cultural collaboration; for example, 
international cooperation in fighting vandalism

·Intercultural synergy across boundaries on Wikipedia or Wikimedia projects

·Cross-cultural studies that compare more than one Wikipedia, for 
example, focusing on:

·Cross-cultural comparisons of content, structures, and contributions

·Comparative studies of policies, interactions, and processes

·Efforts to understand similarities and differences across Wikipedia in 
multiple languages in user motivations, establishment and maintenance of 
local communities and challenges

·Comparative analysis of editing policies around the globe

·Information quality across two or more Wikipedia languages

·Comparison of scope and representation of topics across Wikipedia in 
several languages

·Vandalism and trolling behaviors across national and language boundaries

Chapters are expected to have between 4000 and 5000 words (excluding 
references, figures, and tables). Only original work whose copyright is 
owned (or cleared) by the chapter authors and not considered for 
publication elsewhere can be considered for inclusion.

*Important dates*:

*January 31, 2013:*submit 2-3 page chapter proposals and authors’ bios 
(200 words)

Feb 1, 2013: receive acceptance notification

*March 15, 2013:*submit first full chapters

May 15, 2013: receive reviewers’ comments

*July 1, 2013:*submit final versions

This book is scheduled to be published by Scarecrow Press. For 
additional information, please visit https://rowman.com/Scarecrow. 
Scarecrow Press is the publisher of, among other titles, /Digital 
Media/: /Technological and Social Challenges of the Interactive World/ 
(2011). The publication is anticipated to be released in 2014.

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