[Air-L] Looking for international mobile tech researchers

Ryan S Eanes rse at uoregon.edu
Mon Jan 14 18:44:24 PST 2013


Hi all, 

I'm in the process of developing my dissertation proposal,
and while I have a specific interest in mobile technology (phones &
tablets), I have two fairly disparate research interests: 

(a) The
effects of mobile tech on various facets of interpersonal
(b) Practical applications of mobile tech in the
hospitality industry 

I feel that I might benefit by incorporating an
international and/or comparative angle to my dissertation, so I wanted
to see if anyone out there on this list outside the USA is doing
research work related to either of these topics. If so, and you're
willing, I'd love to pick your brain, find out more about what you're
studying, etc. 

Thanks in advance, AoIR-ers! 


Ryan S
Media Studies PhD Student & Graduate Teaching Fellow
University of
Oregon School of Journalism & Communication
rse at uoregon.edu *
blogs.uoregon.edu/eanes * www.ryanean.es
 1275 University of Oregon

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