[Air-L] Facebook pages from the past?

Niels Brügger nb at imv.au.dk
Wed Jan 16 07:26:20 PST 2013

Dear list members,

I am preparing a book chapter about the history of Facebook, and one of the main sources is the website itself since I intend to identify the changes in layout, functions, etc. However, my own collection of Facebook webpages is very limited, so I would like to know if some of you are in possession of screen dumps of old Facebook pages?

If have checked the Internet Archive (archive.org), but to my great surprise the website had been removed! In 2009 I wrote a small article about the first five years of Facebook's history, and I found a number of old versions in the Internet Archive (thefacebook.com as well as facebook.com), but coming back to the archive now these versions have been removed. I have contacted the Internet Archive, without any result - probably the siteholder has asked the archive to remove the website, for whatever reason. This is an example of how volatile our object of study is, even if it is archived - if web archives are not based on legal deposit laws archived material does not necessarily remain accessible in the archive.

Therefore, if any of you do have screen dumps of old Facebook webpages please write to me off-list - I would be happy to receive whatever you have. And please feel free to forward this request to whoever you think might be able to help.

Very best,

Niels Brügger



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