[Air-L] Literature/cases request: Obligations to know (e.g., RTFM)

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From: Joseph Reagle <joseph.2011 at reagle.org>
Subject: [Air-L] Literature/cases request: Obligations to know (e.g., RTFM)
Date: Tue, 22 Jan 2013 15:32:06 -0500

> I'm interested in cultural norms and expressions of an "obligation to
> know." In the hacker realm this is well developed: clue (cluestick,
> clue-by-four), asshats, newbies (newbs), RTFM (Read the "Fine"
> Manual), lazyweb, etc. In minority (e.g., race, sex, gender) studies
> there's the notion of privilege, *-centrism, and the idea that it is
> not the obligation of the oppressed to have to educate the ignorant
> majority. In popular culture, there's "Topic 101."

characteristically this 101 was the one which i had to look up. so i
am not really popular. :D

> Can you offer any other examples?

#suckless IRC channel (of the suckless.org software community):

"X: this is not kind of comunity that lubes itself up to get into
someones ass"

"Y: Somehow people manage to get very stunted that they just might not be
target audiance of something"

if that's good for you, "elitism" / "elite" may be good key word.

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