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David Toews dtoews at yorku.ca
Fri Jan 25 08:34:08 PST 2013

Call for Abstracts, deadline Jan 31

Digital Media and Society

Papers are sought that illuminate the role of digital media in contemporary
societies. The theoretical framework of the paper should fit recognizably
within the field of sociology. It may be analytical or structural in nature
(eg. network analysis) or more oriented to the phenomenology of the experience
of social interactions involving digital media (eg. the analysis of
interactions; the presentation of the self). Ideally all the papers, while
specializing in certain areas, will demonstrate an awareness of the importance
of both of these dimensions in how digital media shapes and is shaped by social
life. The idea is to highlight current research, to encourage intellectual
community among sociological researchers in this area, and to provide an
opportunity to identify and deepen shared themes of research.

Session Organizer: David Toews, PhD, York University, dtoews at yorku.ca

Canadian Sociological Association (CSA), Annual Meeting, University of Victoria,
June, 2013

To submit an abstract go to:
Dr. David Toews, PhD
Assistant Professor
Sociology Department
York University
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Tel. 416-736-2100 ext. 60307
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