[Air-L] Alternatives to Wolfram alpha?

Ulf-Dietrich Reips u.reips at ikerbasque.org
Sat Jan 26 17:04:27 PST 2013

Dear Juliano:
as Marco mentioned the APIs provided by Facebook will allow you to do 
some automated caclculations. However, to truly assess who are the 
"best friends" of Facebook users there is no way around getting their 
permission to further analyze their profiles.

Check our following article for ways of doing this. In our view, any 
automated methodology should be complemented by research involving 
the owners of their profiles, for validation and further in-depth 

Reips, U.-D., & Buffardi, L. (2012). Studying migrants with the help 
of the Internet: Methods from psychology. Journal of Ethnic and 
Migration Studies, 38(9), 1405-1424. doi:10.1080/1369183X.2012.698208

With kind regards,

At 15:25 Uhr +0000 24.1.2013, juliano spyer wrote:
>dear all - I am part of an 8 person team from UCL going out in April
>to study the impact of social networking sites in 7  countries over
>the next 15 months. (You can find more about our project here:
>http://ow.ly/1MZJcg ) All of us are following this list now and would
>like to ask a question to those conducting research on Facebook.
>We need to find a way of calculating the top twenty five people who
>interact with a person's facebook profile. We assume we can only do
>this with respect to postings, rather than chat or private messaging
>(unless someone knows otherwise).
>We are aware that Wolfram Alpha does this for comments but it would be
>better to include likes, sharing etc.
>Any suggestions welcome.
>Many thanks
>juliano spyer
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