[Air-L] IR panel/roundtable/workshop on resisting and appropriating method

David J. Phillips davidj.phillips at utoronto.ca
Wed Jan 30 10:35:50 PST 2013

Hey, all.

I'm interested in getting a group of people together at IR14 to discuss our experience with non-standard creative practices, within an academic environment, around AoIR-y issues.  

I bring to the table my current project - making a theatrical show engaging dataveillance.  I'm, for the moment,  trying to eschew academic ways of thinking and talking. Instead, I'm embracing jazz-hands and cheap theatrics and seeing what kind of truth gets out that way.   

I would be delighted to engage with others who are involved in similar fun. Let me know if you're interested.


David J. Phillips, Associate Professor 
Faculty of Information
University of Toronto

140 St. George Street
Toronto, ON  M5S 3G6
(+1) 416-978-7098 / 416-978-8942 (fax)

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