[Air-L] Field notes best practice?

Katie Derthick derthick at u.washington.edu
Mon Jul 8 09:19:14 PDT 2013

Hi everybody. I'm about to embark on my dissertation research study, which
will include year-long ethnography at 3 different communities. I'm
wondering what will be better for me: to have one long field notes document
where entries for each community simply appear one after the other, or
three separate documents, one for each community. In the end, I'd like to
be able to paint a picture of each community, but also make claims about my
overarching research goals.

I appreciate any advice or insight you have to offer! For the record, I'm
studying the relationship between values, meditation practice, and
technology use, and looking at a monastery, a meditation center, and a
virtual org.


Katie Derthick
PhD Candidate
Human Centered Design & Engineering
University of Washington

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