[Air-L] Research on e-health platforms

Wifak Houij Gueddana w.Houij-gueddana at lse.ac.uk
Tue Jul 16 03:39:48 PDT 2013

Dear all,

I am a research fellow at the London School of Economics. I am about to
start a new research project on online communities and platforms. Among the
research case studies, I would like to look at one major e-health platform
providing a wide range of health services, such as patients forums, advice
and counseling, Q&As, finding a specialist, doctor appointment booking,
event scheduling, etc.

Can anyone suggest a website or e-health portal that I should look at? Any
ideas, references for research that has been done on the subject is
welcome. Thanks for your help


Dr Wifak Gueddana
Research Associate
Information Systems and Innovation Group-Department of Management
London School of Economics
Tel: +44 7545 997955

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