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As it happens I have been looking for research on visible social media metrics like this as well and have sadly found very very little.  

There is a piece by Tong, Van Der Heide, Langwell and Walther in JCMC 2008 about how impression formation on Facebook is affected by friend counts. 

If people have other citations on visible social media metrics I too would be delighted to know before writing the paper I wish I could just cite. 


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Hello everyone,

I am very interested in communication processes on the web under the aspect of a varying degree of "observation possibilities" (such as the possibility to observe friends lists on facebook, posts on pin walls, number of twitter followers etc.) and how this being-seen-by-others and seeing-others reflects back on us.

I have come across articles like "I tweet honestly, I tweet passionately: Twitter users, context collapse, and the imagined audience" by Alice E. Marwick and Danah Boyd which were very intersting for me.

I would be grateful for further literature tips.



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