[Air-L] CMC - mobile phones included?

Jennifer Stromer-Galley jstromer at syr.edu
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This is a great question. I ponder a lot the terminology we toss about these days related to the phenomena we study that has something to do with the Internet, but now that the Internet is accessed through so many devices "computer-mediated" communication seems too restrictive, maybe even quaint. 

The shift to reference the technologies, such as information and communication technologies, or my made-up phrase 'digital communication technologies' (or simply digital media) are what I have shifted to using as my covering terms, rather than CMC. 

I don't find those satisfying either. DCT is an unsexy acronym that makes me think of bug spray, but I liked it better than ICT for reasons I can't really articulate. 

I personally find 'social media' objectionable, since the telephone and e-mail are also social media (strictly speaking), but most mean Facebook or Twitter, which is too limiting, so I avoid that phrase as much as possible.

I would be curious what others think about the jargon and covering terms we use these days. 


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Dear all,

I am wondering what exactly is included into the term 'CMC' these days.
Does texting and voice communication on mobile phones count, for instance?
It would be great if you could point me in the direction of sources that deal explicitly with this issue!

Thanks beforehand,

Darja Dayter, M.A.
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