[Air-L] Public Urban Media Tour of West End London during ICA

Scott Rodgers rodgers_scott at hotmail.com
Sun Jun 9 12:33:43 PDT 2013

A tour scheduled to coincide with the International Communication
Association conference in London (but open to the public)


The Mediated City

A Tour of Media and Mediation in West End London


Led by Joel McKim and Scott Rodgers


This tour uses West
End London as a lens into ‘the mediated city’. 
It explores how the city not only
hosts, but is in many ways constituted through, media. City living compels us
to use, need and even desire media content and devices in quite particular
ways. Meanwhile, media forms, technologies and industries exist in and are even
‘built-into’ urban spaces: for example the street, the tube, the suburb, the
bar, the public square. The aim of this tour is twofold: first, to highlight
how the city provides a unique lens to critically study, understand and define
media; and second, to use media and mediation as a lens to understand the city.
Though a range of buildings and neighbourhoods associated with major media
industries will be visited, the tour also focuses on observing some more
unconventional forms of urban media and communication.


Date, place and

19 June, 2013, 12.30-3.30pm

Numbers are limited, so booking is
essential – visit 


Attendees will meet at the southwest
corner of Fitzroy Square at 12.30pm (directions at Eventbrite link). The tour lasts
3 hours, ending at Leicester Square.


For further information:

Contact Joel McKim (j.mckim at bbk.ac.uk) or Scott Rodgers (s.rodgers at bbk.ac.uk)


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