[Air-L] Literature help for freshmen

Anne Hvejsel annehvejsel at itu.dk
Thu Jun 13 06:21:40 PDT 2013


I am looking for two shorter texts within social media to be used in a freshmen course - about Academic Communication.
The texts will be used as examples throughout the course, as well as serving as the literature base for the final synopsis. 

This is my list of requirements: 
1. Addressing the same topic but with conflicting point of views
2. Articles or shorter texts - between 5-12 pages each
3. Can easily be read by non-native English speakers and freshmen
4. Topic: social media  (but this is no requirement) 

I hope you can help me out here. Let me know of any idea that might pop in to the head of yours :)

Thanks in advance!

Anne Hvejsel
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