[Air-L] Researching Crowdfunding and Online Community

Filippo Trevisan Filippo.Trevisan at glasgow.ac.uk
Tue Nov 5 07:35:02 PST 2013

Hi Alex,

Another useful network to put this question out to would be the
e-campaigning forum practitioners list: http://fairsay.com/ecflist

I imagine many on that list would be very interested in hearing more about
your work and possibly collaborating.


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On 05/11/2013 13:24, "Alexandra.Stiver" <Alexandra.Stiver at open.ac.uk>

>Dear colleagues,
>My name is Alex Stiver and I¹m a PhD researcher in the Centre for
>Research in Computing (http://crc.open.ac.uk/) at The Open University
>We are carrying out a three-year funded project related to online
>community and crowdfunding.  Our research hopes to unearth knowledge not
>only about what makes crowdfunding projects successful financially, but
>also the nature of the relationship between crowdfunding projects and
>online community: how do the two impact each other across factors such as
>collaboration, networking, and feedback?
>We are wondering if colleagues may have experience with crowdfunding, and
>would be willing to share their stories and impressions with us:
>perspectives on the role of project creators or funders, involvement with
>the community (online or offline) associated with the project, and
>specific thoughts on crowdfunding platforms and processes.  We would be
>most grateful to hear from you and to be in touch further.
>Please contact me <alexandra.stiver <at> open.ac.uk> if you would be
>willing to contribute, or for further information about the project.
>Many thanks!
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