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Stefania Milan stefania.milan at utoronto.ca
Sat Nov 9 08:21:41 PST 2013

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I am happy to announce the release of my book Social Movements and  
Their Technologies. Wiring Social Change (Palgrave Macmillan, 2013).

The book might be of interest to those of you working in particular on  
internet activism, and/or social movement communication. It is based  
on an unprecedented body of qualitative data built over the years by  
interviewing radical techies and hacktivists typically very difficult  
to reach. It offers also an historical grounding to the current  
efforts by social movement activists around the world to organize  

Social Movements and Their Technologies. Wiring Social Change explores  
the interplay between social movements and their "liberated  
technologies". It analyzes the rise of low-power radio stations and  
radical internet projects ("emancipatory communication practices") as  
a political subject, focusing on the sociological and cultural  
processes at play. It provides an overview of the relationship between  
social movements and technology and investigates what is behind the  
communication infrastructure that made possible the main protest  
events of the past 15 years. In doing so, Stefania Milan illustrates  
how contemporary social movements organize in order to create  
autonomous alternatives to communication systems and network and how  
they contribute to change the way people communicate in daily life, as  
well as try to change communication policy from the grassroots.

You can find out more on http://stefaniamilan.net/book (including the  
table of contents and the proofs of chapter 1).

If you buy by the end of January, there is a considerable discount, as  
follows (for books bought by individuals and only through  
- 20% if you are based in North America (code XP356ED)
- 50% if you are based in Europe, South and Central America, Africa,  
Asia, Australia... basically everyone else (code WSMATT2013a)
The instructions can be found on http://stefaniamilan.net/book

Hope you'll like it!

Stefania Milan, PhD
Data J Lab / Citizen Lab
stefaniamilan.net @annliffey

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