[Air-L] Google Books lawsuit

Dan L. Burk dburk at uci.edu
Thu Nov 14 13:40:56 PST 2013

I imagine that after eight years of this, Judge Chin understands Google's
business model(s) very well.

The question "do they sell the scans" is a different question than "do
they make money/expect to make money off the database."


> I'm somewhat conflicted about this. While I'm generally glad to see
> fair use expanded, I think the judge misunderstood Google's business
> model when citing in favor of fair use that Google "does not sell the
> scans". They clearly wouldn't do it if they were not convinced that
> making these books searchable is adding to their bottom-line by refining
> user profiles.
> Felix
> On 11/14/2013 06:39 PM, Dan L. Burk wrote:
>>> I am so, so happy about this. Big win for the Free Culture movement.
>> I am not sure I would go that far.  You still end up a very significant
>> body of human knowledge controlled by a not-necessarily-benign
>> corporation
>> with a tendency toward information monopoly.
>> But Judge Chin's decision is the right one, and puts us on a much better
>> road than the alternative.
>> DLB
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