[Air-L] Social media as an industry

David Brake davidbrake at gmail.com
Fri Nov 15 06:43:04 PST 2013

To follow up for all of you, here's what I have had recommended to me:

Albarran, A. B. (Ed.). (2013). The social media industries. New York: Routledge. 
Fattal, Alex Facebook: Corporate Hackers, a Billion Users, and the Geo-politics of the "Social Graph". Anthropological Quarterly 85(3)
van Dijck, J. (2013). The culture of connectivity : a critical history of social media. Oxford ; New York: Oxford University Press. 
(which led me to):
van Dijck, J., & Poell, T. (2013). Understanding social media logic. Media and Communication, 1(1), 2-14. Retrieved from http://www.librelloph.com/mediaandcommunication/article/view/MaC-1.1.2

Hope this helps! Will let you know if more gems come my way...

(ObPlug) Two AoIR-related publications recently released:

Brake, D. R. (2013). Are we all online content creators now? Web 2.0 and digital divides. Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication. doi: 10.1111/jcc4.12042 Retrieved from http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/jcc4.12042/abstract
Brake, D. R. (2013). Journalists, User Generated Content and Digital Divides. In J. Gordon, G. Stewart & P. Rowinski (Eds.), Br(e)aking The News: Journalism, Politics and New Media (pp. 253-270). Oxford, UK: Peter Lang

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