[Air-L] Digital Divide, Civic Engagement Stats for the UK??, U.S. E-Gov state rankings by income?

Steven Clift slc at publicus.net
Thu Nov 21 07:59:48 PST 2013

I am hosting an event in London on Dec 2 -
http://uknewvoices.eventbrite.com - where I will be featuring U.S.
stats from the Pew study on digital civic engagement. My inclusion
focus: http://bit.ly/pewcivic

Also note: http://blog.e-democracy.org/posts/2108

I am looking for any similar survey results from the UK or any other
country for that matter.

Any suggestions?

Also, on a related note, I am looking for any analysis comparing US
states in terms of lower income and by race use of e-government in
general based on the July 2011 ACS survey.

What states are reaching lower income residents the best with
e-government services?

Which states with the highest levels of Internet use are doing the
best or worst with lower income access?

Once we can see which ones are essentially reaching more people beyond
what is driven by simply having more lower income people online, we
can start to explore why and how states can increase lower income use

of e-government (and open government). My ultimate goal is to build
awareness around raising new and more representative voices online -


The main question of interest:

HUPRIM6 Do you use the Internet to access government services, forms, or
information? (Include tax forms.)

Please cc: clift at e-democracy.org with your reply.

Steven Clift

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