[Air-L] recruiting phD students to the School of Information at the University of Michigan

Nicole Ellison enicole at umich.edu
Thu Nov 21 11:06:50 PST 2013

Hi AOIR-ers,

As many of you know, I’m now at the School of Information at the University
of Michigan. I’m actively recruiting PhD students to come work with me (or
my excellent colleagues). Please see below for some information about our
interdisciplinary PhD program. Please let me know if you have any questions
and I'll do my best to get them answered.

Thank you,


Nicole B. Ellison

Associate Professor

School of Information
University of Michigan



We are looking for new doctoral students who want to train with our large
and growing cadre of HCI and social computing faculty. We investigate
theoretical and practical questions about how computing and communication
technologies can enhance individual and collective capabilities and change
social relations. We use methods ranging from design of new technologies to
participant observation, surveys, interviewing, data mining, and lab and
field experiments.

 Current and incoming faculty with primary appointments in the School of
Information and active research in HCI and social computing include:

--Mark Ackerman

--Eytan Adar

--Yan Chen

--Kevyn Collins-Thompson

--Nicole Ellison

--Tom Finholt

--Pedja Klasnja

--Erin Krupka

--Cliff Lampe

--Silvia Lindtner

--Qiaozhu Mei

--Markus Mobius

--Mark Newman

--Joyojeet Pal

--Katharina Reinecke

--Paul Resnick

--Lionel Robert

--Tanya Rosenblat

--Stephanie Teasley

--Sarita Yardi Schoenebeck

 The problems and opportunities of contemporary information use have both
social and technical aspects, so we approach our research from a highly
interdisciplinary perspective. The flexibility and scope of our doctoral
program attract students from a wide variety of disciplines. Our
world-class faculty have international reputations for cutting-edge
research in human-computer interaction, social computing, experimental
economics, digital archiving, health informatics, and more.

Admissions are highly competitive, but all admitted students receive a
generous funding package that includes tuition, stipend, and health
benefits. More information on the Ph.D. program is available on our
website: https://www.si.umich.edu/content/phd. The application deadline is
December 15.

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