[Air-L] content analysis software?

Stefania Milan stefania.milan at utoronto.ca
Thu Nov 28 04:51:32 PST 2013

Hi everyone

A student of mine (who for some reason has not been able to subscribe  
to this list) is looking for a (possibly open source) software to do  
content analysis of newspaper articles from an online database. She is  
also looking at the trail version of WordStat, and is curious to know  
whether anyone can recommend it. See her email below (to speed things  
up, I agree to post her request for her. Please reply to Puck directly  
(p.j.m.koene at tilburguniversity.edu)).
Thanks for any suggestions and advice you might want to share with us
Stefania Milan
 From Puck Koene [p.j.m.koene at tilburguniversity.edu]
Hey everyone,

In order to graduate I am currently writing my master thesis. The plan  
is to examine thousands of news articles extracted from an online  
database. However, so far I have no knowledge of any good software to  
automate this process. I was hoping y?all could help me answer the  
question as to whether you know any software to do proper content  
analysis. Does any of you by any chance have experience with WordStat?  
I'm particularly interested in the trial version as I need to be able  
to have access to the results of my analysis after the trail version  
has expired. The software I?m looking for needs to be able to detect  
types of sources used by journalists and add them together, so  
basically I need the software to look for certain key words. If you  
know any good software (especially free software or trial versions) to  
run a proper content analysis I would love to hear from you. Thank you  
in advance.

Puck Koene, Student Communication and Information Sciences
Tilburg University (Netherlands)
p.j.m.koene at tilburguniversity.edu

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