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Wed Nov 13 09:57:40 PST 2013

Dr. Jordan:

This sounds like a wonderful conference and I do wish I had the opportunity to be there, but will be in the middle of my last term. For those of us who may not be able to attend, I am wondering if there is any way discussions maybe be posted online? Please advise if any links are made available.

Thank you again for the note. I really cannot express how much I wish I could be there live and in person.

Most sincerely,

Christine Badowski
North Central College
MALS - Society & Culture, expected 2014
Thesis: "The Virtual Line in the Sand: Consequences of New Media on College Admissions and Job Applications of Digital Natives" 


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 Date: Wednesday, November 13, 2013, 6:08 AM
 Dear all, hopefully something of
 interest in London. Cheers Tim
 Information Politics, Digital Culture and Global Protest
 King's College London - April 4th 2014
 Confirmed speakers: Clare Birchall, Gabriella Coleman, Paolo
 Gerbaudo, Joss Hands, Tim Jordan and Guobin Yang
 Twitter: @KingsDCS #DigitalActivismNow #DAconf
 Facebook: http://on.fb.me/HXs2Hf
 Blog:  http://wp.me/p1BSEo-29 
 Sign up at http://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/digital-activism-now-tickets-9047139237
 The so-called web 2.0 of social network sites was invented
 as a business strategy to react to the dot.com bust and, as
 revealed by the NSA scandal, it has been heavily used by the
 state as a tool of surveillance. Yet, this space has also
 seen the rise of new powerful forms of digital activism, as
 seen in the adoption of Facebook and Twitter as means of
 mass mobilisation in the context of the Arab revolutions,
 the Spanish indignados and of Occupy Wall Street.
 These contradictions raise a number of burning questions for
 contemporary digital activists. What are the real
 opportunities and threats for digital activism at the time
 of social network sites and big data? How can protest
 movements make use of the power of mass diffusion and
 collective coordination afforded by social media without
 falling prey of state monitoring or cultural banalisation?
 And is it better to invest energy in creating alternative
 and non-commercial communication platforms or in "occupying"
 the digital mainstream?
          The "Digital Activism
 #Now" conference will explore emerging digital protest
 practices at a time of increasing diffusion of social media
 and progressive massification and commercialisation of the
 web. By gathering leading international researchers and
 activists we will examine how digital activists are making
 use of the affordances of the social web. Moreover, we will
 debate the main issues of contention among contemporary
 digital activists, faced with increasing possibilities of
 mass outreach but also with new dangers.  
 Among the issues covered by the conference will feature the
 role of social network sites in contemporary protests,
 hacktivism at the time of Anonymous and Lulzsec, the
 activist use of digital culture, internet memes, and online
 pranks, as means of digital propaganda and the politics of
 transparency and secrecy in digital whistleblowing.
 The conference is supported by the Culture, Media and
 Creative Industries and Digital Humanities Departments, by
 the China Lau Institute and the North America Institute, all
 at King's College London.
 Dr Tim Jordan,
 Senior Lecturer Department of Digital Humanities and
 Department of Culture, Media and Creative Industries,
 Creative Arts Administrative Centre,
 Room 5D, D Floor,
 Chesham Building,
 King's College London,
 London WC2R 2LS,
 Phone: +44 (0)20 78481100
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