[Air-L] Media and Methods for Opening Education: Papers Due Oct 20 for JITP Issue 5

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Mon Sep 30 13:04:51 PDT 2013

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Just a reminder that papers for Issue 5 of The Journal of Interactive Technology and Pedagogy are due October 20th. The theme for Issue 5 is "Media and Methods for Opening Education." It would be great to see a lot of AoIR-ers contribute!

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The Journal of Interactive Technology and Pedagogy
Special Issue: Media and Methods for Opening Education

Submissions Due: October 20th, 2013

Editors: Gregory T. Donovan and Suzanne Tamang

JITP is a peer-reviewed and open-access journal that welcomes work that explores critical and creative uses of interactive technology in teaching, learning, and research. For Issue 5, we are seeking submissions under the theme of "Media and Methods for Opening Education." This theme invites submissions that critically and creatively consider both media and methods that open up traditional educational settings to more democratic and diverse modes of learning and knowledge production.

We are particularly interested in papers that express intriguing and promising ideas, demonstrate new media forms or educational software tools, or focus on research methods for opening education. Possible submission topics include, but are not limited to:

-- The development, implementation, and/or evaluation of pedagogical practices that draw on Open Education Resources (OER).
-- Explorations of Open Access, Open Source, and/or Open Data initiatives that address matters of race, class, gender, sexuality, and disability.
-- Critical considerations of corporate or proprietary media in pedagogical practices.
-- Feminist media and methodologies for challenging patriarchal structures in education.
-- Analyses of both the educational media and practices of civic movements such as the Free University, Occupy Data, or CryptoParty.
-- Hackathon methodologies: tools and practices.
-- Critical and participatory approaches to facilitating MOOCs.
-- Engaging local communities in public research and/or education through civic media.
-- Interactive platforms and practices that queer traditional educational boundaries between teacher/student as well as inside/outside the classroom, unfixing these binaries so as to reconsider our norms and what they leave unsaid.
-- Critical appropriations of queer, feminist and/or radical praxis to address ITP matters such as universal access.
-- Visualizing research products for diverse publics.
-- Best practices for collaborating in heterogeneous spaces.
-- Anti-disciplinary approaches to problem solving and the public domain.

In addition to traditional long-form articles with a suggested limit of 8,000 words, we invite submissions of audio or visual presentations, interviews, dialogues, or conversations, creative works, manifestos, jeremiads or other scholarly materials. All submissions are subject to an open peer review process. Submissions received that do not fall under the specific theme of Issue 5, but do fall under the broader theme of JITP, will be considered for publication in a future issue.

Important Dates
The submission deadline for Issue 5 is October 20, 2013 for publication in Spring 2014. When submitting using our Open Journal Systems software, under "Journal Section," please select the section titled "Issue 5: Special Issue."

To submit and read our full guidelines, go to http://jitp.commons.gc.cuny.edu/submit/

Gregory T. Donovan, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Urban Studies
Saint Peter's University


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