[Air-L] Internet access and accessibility for people with disabilities

Andrew Clark andrewrclark at mac.com
Wed Sep 4 21:38:18 PDT 2013


Just to add to the discussion. I am currently looking at First Nation 
and Indigenous peoples experiences of disability. This prompted me to 
look at New Zealand and Disability policy re Māori. Within the Ministry 
of Health NZ I found Whāia Te Ao Mārama: The Māori Disability Action 

What really struck me was the following statement -

"There is no definitive word or description of disability in te reo 
Māori. Commonly te reo refers to a person’s ability to flourish or 
function in relation to their ability to contribute to either their own, 
or others, wellbeing".

Given your area of study, I was wondering if you were going to consider 
Māori concept of disability, which is much more communitarian, when 
compared to individualist notions of independence underpinning western 
concepts of disability. In essence, can the existing models of internet 
access and design meet the needs of Māori contribute to there own or 
others wellbeing. Given the majority literature around access by people 
with disabilities is constructed around individual models of choice, 
control - empowerment.

Just a though.

Andrew Clark

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