[Air-L] Recruiting participants via the social media platform Twitter

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You don't mention whether the study is qualitative or quantitative, or what
kind of data collection you want to conduct.... In *Online Interviews in
Real Time *I discuss recruitment strategies that might be appropriate. (I
don't put the "brand" names into my writing since they aren't paying me for
advertising and brands change.) Just curious-- why is Twitter the
appropriate place to recruit participants for what kind of study about what
topic? Why do you feel Twitter users are the right participants? Will you
miss potential participants who are not on Twitter or who miss your post?

One idea is to create an online research presence using something like a
free blog/wiki site, and post some key info such as: an introduction, an
overview of your study in non-academese, expectations for participants,
plans to safeguard privacy of participants, informed consent procedures,
etc. Include a link to your university or the book/journal site if you have
a publication plan. Importantly,  Then, when you post on Twitter, Linked In
etc. you can provide all the info someone needs by providing a link to your
researcher blog. Once you get rolling, you can also use this site to offer
information to participants (and/or your PhD committee!) about the study's

Feel free to contact me offline if you have questions-- or nab me in Denver.

Happy recruiting!

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