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Hello, Barry and all -

I had to go through the same thing when I got my PhD in 2010. I chose
the open option, and yet I remember I also got a $30 check at one point
from royalties. (I'm guessing libraries bought access to my diss?)

I also posted my diss on my Web site.

I have had not one bit of trouble publishing from my dissertation. I
have 2 articles drawn from it, another couple under review, and a
forthcoming book under contract.

I think in terms of journals, they don't seem to be very concerned when
a piece is available online. Conference proceedings and SSRN are online,
and yet pieces appearing there end up in journals. I believe this is
because the article that ultimately ends up in a journal is different
from any previous version as a result of going through peer review and

I have heard that academic book publishers are leery of publishing
dissertations that have been posted online for free. The recent American
Historical Association policy suggesting students consider embargoing
their dissertations reflects this.

At GMU, we have a few blog posts exploring these issues:

My 2 American cents.


Rob Gehl

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On 09/23/2013 04:03 PM, Barry Wellman wrote:
> Dear Colleagues,
> I got an interesting query from a new colleague today. It is her
> specific issue, but I think a more general one for journals.
> See below for my edited version of the query. Please respond to the
> list in general
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> The university where I got my PhD requires publishing through ProQuest
> - either "traditional" or "open access." For traditional, it is closed
> and people must pay to access it (and I would receive a royalty, but I
> don't know who in their right mind might actually purchase a
> dissertation), and in open it is freely available for download. In
> either case I retain the copyright.
> *** My question is this: does either option impact my ability to
> publish journal articles from the document? Specifically, I have four
> papers I'd like to pull from it and much of each would be verbatim
> from the diss.
> *** Will journals see papers from an open access diss as "already
> published" or as somehow less desirable? I'd prefer to put it out open
> access, but not at the risk of not being able to publish from it.
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