[Air-L] Subversive Twitter: Cuban Spring à la ZunZuneo

Aziz Douai azizdouai at gmail.com
Thu Apr 3 06:26:30 PDT 2014

Dear AoIRists,

Some of you may have seen today's AP story in the *Washington Post* about
the US attempt to create a Twitter like messaging system, ZunZeneo, to
foment a "Cuban Spring" in Cuba (link below).

While this reminds us of how communication technologies have always been at
the forefront of serving "imperialist" projects, I am afraid this leaked
story bolsters fears and suspicions of conspiracy and fair-minded folks
alike about the "organic"/indigenous nature of the "Arab Spring."  What
does it say about our research into social media and activism in developing
nations AND those of us who engage in this type of research?

I would appreciate hearing some of your views on the ethics of such
project, its implications on new media activism, and scholars'/researchers'
analyses of "new" media enabled social change in developing nations.

The full WP story is available here:

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