[Air-L] Research 2.0 : The Virtual Stakes (June 3-6, 2014, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada)

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Might be of interest to some on the list.
Applications dues Monday, April, 28


Main objectives
> How can we explain the appeal of the "virtual" in social media, gaming,
> gambling? This technological revolution, that is the Internet, brought
> major changes in our self-perception as humans and our relation to society.
> By combining "real" space (offline) to a "virtual" one (online), new
> parameters are now structuring individuals' lives, identity and
> interactions with others and society, as well as their relation to leisure
> and work. However, are we taking a wrong turn by adopting this binary
> presentation of the “real” and the “virtual”? This new online game
> environment calls for a discussion on research modalities necessary to
> investigate it.

> The Summer School “Research 2.0: The Virtual Stakes”, hosted at Concordia
> University, from June 3rd-6th 2014, will be held in English and French.
> It seeks to offer a collegial space for exchange and interaction and to
> find solutions to the challenges in the study of online games, either
> gaming or gambling. “Research 2.0: The Virtual Stakes” will address the
> following questions: How does the internet redefines, or not, our relation
> to games? What are the limits of its (apparent) unlimited potential? What
> are the limits of our research methods used until now? Gaming in a
> “virtual” environment prompts us to examine the epistemological,
> methodological and ethical aspects of a research on games and virtuality.

> At the end of their training at the Summer School “Research 2.0: The
> Virtual Stakes”, students will have:
>    - Developed skills in the field of games and virtuality research;
>    - Acquired tools allowing them to find solutions for the challenges
>    presented in research on games and virtuality;
>    - Developed multidisciplinary scientific collaboration networks.
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PhD Film Studies [Game Studies]
Université de Montréal
Montreal, QC
BA / MA Sociology [Social Theory, Digital Culture]
Concordia University
Montreal, QC

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