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... and a fully published, more current follow-up at 

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At 11:16 Uhr +0000 15.04.2014, William Dutton wrote:
>One paper is available at: 
>On 15 Apr 2014, at 12:07, T.Ashe <t.ashe at open.ac.uk> wrote:
>>  Dear all,
>>  I'm currently putting together a literature review on the changing 
>>media ecology of science and environmental journalism, with a view 
>>to the changes occasioned by the rise of new media, and I was 
>>wondering if anyone could help me with some advice.
>>  I think my major problem is that, without a background in media, 
>>I'm struggling even to really clarify what 'new media' means in 
>>this context. Even just pinning down the proliferation of 
>>technologies is a bit overwhelming and yet I can't really afford to 
>>spend more than a page or two on this. I don't think I have the 
>>vocabularity to capture how the internet allows traditional media 
>>(TV, radio, newspapers, books, etc.) to be accessed from new 
>>devices, provided in different ways, etc. and I feel there must be 
>>ways of categorising the different dimensions of change, of which 
>>I'm not aware.
>>  I was wondering if anyone could recommend any literature reviews 
>>that succinctly clarify the issues around defining the 
>>technological and social rise of new media in a way that can give 
>>me the background info to situate my literature review? I know it's 
>>a massive topic, but I need something to give me a handle on it, 
>>which won't take up too much of the time I should be giving to the 
>>rest of the review.
>>  Any recommended recent work on journalism and new media would also be great.
>>  Any help much appreciated,
>>  Teresa
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