[Air-L] Research on Africans and mobile photography?

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Hey Terri, 

Not EXACTLY what you are looking for but very close:

		Paula Uimonen (2013) Visual identity in Facebook, Visual Studies, 28:2,
122-135, DOI:


Seeing your friends in Facebook has become a common
means of social interaction, illustrating a visual turn in
digital media in general and social media in particular.
This article explores visual identity in Facebook, focusing
on the use of profile photographs in the performance of
digitally mediated selfhood. In Facebook, relationships are
increasingly communicated through images, thus rendering
the interactive reflexivity of performance rather visible.
Based on the profile photographs of students at an arts
college in Tanzania, the article discusses the construction of
cultural identities through visual communication.

			By visually expressing their selves through profile
photographs, users engage in the social construction of
reality, crafting their digitally mediated identities in
interaction with their online social relations. The online
performance of selfhood is analysed in the context of offline
social and material realities, to underline cultural
aspirations for global inclusion. Building on
anthropological readings of performance, the concept of
social aesthetic frame is introduced to capture patterns of
digital stratification that encompass the online construction
of networked selfhood in the peripheries of the global
network society. The article builds on anthropological
research on digital media and intercultural interaction at a
national arts institute in Tanzania, using a combination of
digital, sensory and visual research methods.


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>Hi All,
>While putting together the Selfies Research Network, I find myself at a
>complete loss for names of researchers who have studied mobile photography
>practices in Africa.
>Anybody have names of authors or articles that come to mind?
>Better yet, if you are a scholar studying these practices yourself, we'd
>love to have you join our international group.
>Feel free to drop me a line personally, and our Facebook group is at:
>Many thanks!
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