[Air-L] Second call: GROUP '14 Workshop on Crowdwork || Nov 9, 2014 || Sanibel Island, FL

Karin Hansson khansson at dsv.su.se
Thu Jul 10 13:06:57 PDT 2014

Second call
GROUP 2014 - ACM Conference on Supporting Groupwork
Sanibel Island, Florida, USA - November 9, 2014

The Morphing Organization: Rethinking Groupwork Systems in the Era of Crowdwork
Workshop website: http://morph.wp.horizon.ac.uk

Paper Submission Deadline: August 01, 2014
Notification of Acceptance: September 01, 2014
Workshop Date: November 09, 2014

Web 2.0 has provided organizations remarkable opportunities to improve productivity, gain competitive advantage, and increase participation by engaging crowds to accomplish tasks at scale. However, establishing and integrating crowd-based systems into organizations is still an open question. The systems and the collaborative processes they enable appear diametrically in dissonance with the norms and culture of collaboration and knowledge sharing in traditional organizations. They require mechanisms for articulation of work, coordination, cooperation, and knowledge co-creation that are fundamentally different from those in current groupwork systems and processes. This workshop will bring together researchers investigating issues related to crowdsourcing, social computing and collaborative technologies, organizational science, and workplace research, work in industry, government and voluntary sectors, to discuss the future of groupwork systems in the era of crowdwork.

We invite position papers that seek to address the following questions that are of interest to the workshop:
What is the future of groupwork systems in the era of crowdwork? How do emerging trends in crowdwork, such as organizational collaboration with an undefined network of people, affect how we conceptualize groupwork? What are the implications for the design of groupwork systems?
How can groupwork research contribute to crowdwork research? What can be learned from the success stories and failures of groupwork systems of more than two decades to inform the design of effective organizational crowdwork systems? Can the research and design principles of traditional groupware, workflow systems, and CSCW applications be extended to support organizational collaborative work with the crowd?
How can collaboration “in the crowd” be motivated and sustained, while promoting openness and mutual knowledge co-creation, safeguarding organizational intellectual capital, and ensuring maximum job satisfaction and career growth for the crowd worker?
What are the underlying ideology and principles in the socio-technical architectures of tools for supporting collaboration and knowledge sharing? What are the norms and cultures of collaboration in organizations, and how and when do they work for or against the involvement of crowds? How do we understand the participatory processes at stake in crowdwork, ensure equal representation, and design sustainable hybrid economic systems from an organizational perspective?
What functions should the next generation of groupwork systems embody to make them viable as an organizational work tool in the era of crowdwork?
Submissions should be sent by email to: group14crowdwork at gmail.com
We recommend that position papers:
Are between 2-4 pages long and formatted to ACM GROUP guidelines;
Include title, your name, affiliation, and email address;
Has an abstract (up to 200 words);
Provide a short biography with your background and area(s) of expertise (up to 150 words);
Specify your main interest in the workshop (up to 50 words);
Workshop Organizers
Obinna Anya (IBM Research)
Laura Carletti (University of Nottingham)
Tim Coughlan (University of Nottingham)
Karin Hansson (Stockholm University)
Sophia B. Liu (US Geological Survey)

For any questions, please contact us by email: group14crowdwork at gmail.com

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