[Air-L] New book: Symbolic Interaction and New Social Media

Mark D. Johns mjohns at luther.edu
Tue Jul 29 11:25:41 PDT 2014

Symbolic Interaction and New Social Media (Studies in Symbolic Interaction
series, Volume 43), edited by Mark D. Johns (Luther College), Shing-Ling S.
Chen (University of Northern Iowa), Laura A. Terlip (University of Northern
Iowa) has just been published by Emerald Group Publishing Ltd. (UK).


When McLuhan Met Simmel: Form is the Content, Medium is the Message
Shing-Ling Sarina Chen (University of Northern Iowa), Mark D. Johns (Luther
College) and Laura Terlip (University of Northern Iowa)

>From Object to Flow: Network Sensibility, Symbolic Interactionism, and
Social Media
Annette Markham and Simon Lindgren (Umea University)

Social Network Analysis for Facebook:  Locating Cliques and Visualizing
Jeffery Coons and Shing-Ling Sarina Chen (University of Northern Iowa)

New Iowa School Redux:  Second Life as Laboratory
Michael Katovich (Texas Christians University) and Shing-Ling Sarina Chen
(University of Northern Iowa)

Mutable Selves and Digital Reflexivities:  Social Media for Social Change
in the Middle East and North America
Victoria Ann Newsom (Olympic College) and Lara Lengel (Bowling Green State

Structural Roles in Massively-Multiplayer Online Games:  A Case Study of
Guild and Raid Leaders in World of Warcraft
J. Patrick Williams, David Kirschner, and Zahirah binte Suhaimi (Nanyang
Technological University, Singapore)

(Re)Embodiment of the Digital Self and First Life Body in a New Social
Media Environment:  Paid Sex Work in Second Life
Justin A. Martin (Southern Illinois University)

Surfing to an Alternative Self:  Internet Technology and Sexuality among
“Married Straight Homosexual Men”
Avi Shoshana (Bar-Ilan University, Israel)

New Empirical Studies

“The Wall is the City”: A Narrative Analysis of Vancouver’s Post-Riot
“Apology Wall”
Jennifer A.A. Lavoie, Judy Eaton, Carrie B. Sanders, Matthew Smith

Mark D. Johns, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Communication Studies
Luther College, Decorah, Iowa USA
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    ---Mark Twain

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