[Air-L] Best way to work with translation provider and Qualtrics?

Charlie Balch charlie at balch.org
Fri Jun 13 12:01:04 PDT 2014

Hello Cory,
Your thought to create two surveys though expert/important sounds good. 

I'm not familiar with Qualtrics but an online survey system should allow for
a branching option with a splash screen. Participants could select their
language then see the appropriate survey. 
You may have some validity issues regarding comparing responses to surveys
in different languages. 

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I’m  preparing a cross-national survey using Qualtrics.com, and will deploy
the survey in two languages. My translation provider is not familiar with
the Qualtrics platform, and I’m leery of providing access to my account.
Does anyone have recommendations for how to best translate a survey without
having to provide account access to the translator?

It does appear that Qualtrics allows one to download the survey as a CSV
file, and then create a second survey upon importing a CSV file.  A possible

  1.  Send the CSV file in the first language to the translator,
  2.  having translation completed on the sent file,
  3.  and then creating the second language survey by uploading the
translated CSV file to Quatrics.

Open and grateful for any suggestions!

- Cory Robinson
Stephen Cory Robinson
cory.robinson at colostate.edu<mailto:cory.robinson at colostate.edu>
Office: Clark C258A

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