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Wed May 7 22:43:13 PDT 2014

d signaled the end of the first phase of development and widespread adoption=
 and that the medium is now entering a more mature phase (less gold-digging,=
 hype, fantasies of a parallel space etc. etc.) where the Internet is increa=
singly treated not as an isolated cultural phenomenon but as an integrated c=
ultural phenomenon. Of course the issue of maturing is complex, because the =
computer as a technology is open-ended with respect to new applications and =
uses. Such a hypothesis, however, does not preclude that different more deta=
iled stages can be identified. Whether we base them on technical/interface d=
evelopments or on what social groups have been most influential (scientists,=
 entrepeneurs, grass roots  c.f. Castells) or some combination of both =
types of criteria (or other). Thus, I am not sure there is a conflict - or a=
m I missing something?<BR>
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