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highly inter-disciplinary.  Therefore, the focus of this book is to act as a
meeting ground for researchers in E-Marketing who may currently be
publishing in journals in areas such as marketing, management, information
systems, social sciences, communication and computing.  This is seen as
creating a unique environment for discussion about issues pertaining to
E-Marketing.  The hope is to create a recurring series that will chronicle
new developments in the field of E-Marketing.

Authors must keep in mind a diverse academic audience when preparing their
manuscript.  Both empirical and theoretical papers are encouraged.
Technical papers are welcome.  But, authors of such papers must strive to
make their work accessible to an audience with different technical
backgrounds.  PhD students working in E-Marketing are especially encouraged
to submit their work.

Potential Topics of Interest

Topics that will be suitable for this book include [but are not limited to]-
·	Explicating the Impact of the Internet on the Marketing Function
·	Historical Analysis of Dot-Coms
·	Online Consumer Behavior [E.g. Information Search, Price Comparison]
·	Building Effective Relationships with Customers
·	Measuring Quality of Service in Online Environments
·	Online Retailing
·	Marketing Research in Online Environments
·	Digital Products
·	E-Branding
·	Search Engine Optimization
·	Distributed Product Development [E.g. Open Source]
·	E-Auctions
·	Dynamic Pricing
·	Pricing of Digital Products
·	Disintermediation
·	Illegal Online Distribution
·	Online Communities
·	Internet Advertising
·	Viral Marketing
·	Personalization
·	Permission Marketing
·	Spam
·	Privacy Issues in E-Marketing


Interested authors should first submit a proposal that is 3 to 5 pages long
describing their work.  The proposal must describe the project and its
contribution to the community.  Please do not submit the entire paper.
Authors will be notified when their proposal is accepted.

Final papers will be expected to be at least 5,000 words long.  References
in the paper must be in APA style.  Please consult- for details
about the APA style.  Authors of accepted papers will be expected to submit
a short bio of 50-100 words describing themselves.

E-mail communication with the editor is preferred at all stages.  You may
submit documents in Word or pdf format.  The e-mail address of the editor is
sandeep at

Timetable for Publication

Short Proposals Due						July 15, 2003
Notification of Proposal Acceptance/Rejection		August 1, 2003
First Draft Due							October 15, 2003
Revised Chapters Due						February 15, 2004
Final Draft Due							April 01, 2004

Sandeep Krishnamurthy

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