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include attention to the complexities of cultural values and communicative
preferences as these are first embedded in the design of CMC technologies,
and then as these work to shape the diffusion of and responses to these
technologies in diverse cultures - i.e., the general focus of the biennial
conferences on "Cultural Attitudes towards Technology and Communication."
CATaC'04 (he said in a shameless bit of self-advertising) will take place in
Karlstad, Sweden, this year, June 27-July 1 - please see for conference description,
In all seriousness, I would imagine that at least some of the publications
to emerge from the CATaC series would be of interest.

G'luck - and please keep us posted!

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> Dear AoIR members
> I am facilitating the development of a new curriculum at the University of
Wisconsin-Milwaukee in the area of global communication, and I would greatly
appreciate your insights regarding trends in the field.
> I would be particularly interested in your thoughts on:
> --which programs (anywhere in the world) you think are particularly
vibrant and provide curricular leadership;
> --and what you think would be important to include in an undergraduate
curriculum in global communication, whether or not such courses are
currently included in program with which you are familiar.
> What we mean by "global communication" is still under negotiation, but we
hope that the program will combine the study of communication, information,
media and culture.
> Several people have already suggested that I look into the programs at
Goldsmiths and LSE, but if you have other leads, I would be most grateful.
> Nan Kim-Paik
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