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Madeline Carr madeline.carr at aber.ac.uk
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Hello AoIR fellows,

Those of you who work at the intersection of Internet technology and
International Relations may be aware that in March, we had a new section
approved at the International Studies Association (ISA) conference in
Toronto. Science, Technology, Art and International Relations (STAIR) will
allow us to share our work in a more focused way and also to begin
incorporating work from other disciplines that have relevance for
understanding the implications of technology for global politics. It should
have special resonance with many of you who work on political aspects of
Internet technology.

Next year in New Orleans, we will present our inaugural program and I
wanted to extend an invitation to any of you who may be interested to
submit a paper or a panel/roundtable proposal. The CfP is below but don't
hesitate to contact me or the program chairs (listed at the end) if you
have any questions. Hope to see some of you in New Orleans!

Call for Papers: International Studies Association 2015 Annual
Convention Science,
Technology, Art and International Relations (STAIR) Section

Deadline: 1 June 2014


The newly chartered ISA section on Science, Technology, Art and
International Relations (STAIR) recognizes that science, technology, and
art are critical to global politics. They shape much of the everyday
reality of international security, statecraft, development, design of
critical global infrastructures, approaches to social justice, and the
practices of global governance. Science, technology and art (i.e., in the
form of creativity, the arts, architecture and design) permeate
international affairs in the form of material elements and networks,
technical instruments, systems of knowledge and scientific practices. They
challenge existing conceptual approaches and prompt us to step beyond IR
canons to seek inter-disciplinary collaborations.

Through this new section we seek to generate the space for International
Relations as a discipline to engage these matters through productive
intellectual conversations with existing subsections as well as with other
disciplines. STAIR will facilitate theoretical understandings of how we go
about creating, assessing, and deliberating scientific, technological and
artistic design and their impact on the shifts of contemporary world order.
At the next ISA in New Orleans, (February 18th-21st) STAIR seeks to engage
particularly with the impact of science, technology and art on ‘global IR’
and how scientific and artistic practices, technological infrastructures
and artistic performances open up global understandings of international
and global affairs.

STAIR encourages submissions of individual papers, (innovative) panels and
roundtables that explore the following themes:

   - the role of STS methods and sensibilities in International Relations

   - the different ‘regional’ impacts of science, technology and art on
   International Relations and, especially, the role of technologies and
   infrastructures in post-colonial contexts

   - the role of science, technology and art in the rise of non-Western
   countries and in global power shifts

   - the ways in which perspectives of science and technology studies (STS)
   on contemporary developments in science, technology and art challenge
   traditional modes and practices of International Relations

   - debates on understanding and misunderstanding the global politics of
   emerging technologies (such as nano-tech, surveillance instruments and
   systems, hacking software etc)

   - indigenous and non-Western technologies and their impact on
   contemporary global politics

   - exploring and critiquing the diversity of techno-fetishisms in
   international affairs

   - the role STS debates and concepts can play to reframe core notions of
   IR (including sovereignty, power, anarchy and governance) and to challenge
   normative assumptions in International Relations

   - innovative panels and roundtables that explore the possibility of a
   jointly ‘global’ and ‘interdisciplinary’ International Relations Theory.

*Section Programme Chairs:*

Michele Acuto, University College London – m.acuto at ucl.ac.uk

Maximilian Mayer, University of Bonn – maximilian.mayer at uni-bonn.de

For more info on STAIR & ISA visit: http://www.isanet.org/ISA/Sections/STAIR

You can find out more about special elements (including career courses,
workshops, innovative panels etc) of ISA’s program under "Special
Convention Programs<http://www.isanet.org/Conferences/SpecialConventionPrograms.aspx>"

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