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Selfie Citizenship “pocket book”: Call for Contributions
Deadline for abstract submissions: 1st July 2015
Following the highly successful “Selfie Citizenship” workshop, held in Manchester in April 2015, contributions are invited to the Selfie Citizenship “pocket book” edited for Palgrave Pivot (a new initiative by Palgrave Macmillan for fast dissemination of fully peer-reviewed research on current matters). We invite conceptual, empirical or creative interventions, of 3-5,000 words maximum, that contribute to the intellectual and political conversation around the notion of selfie citizenship, at the intersection of politics, visual culture, social and digital media, and cultural and social studies of citizenship. 

In the recent years we have become accustomed to photographs of individuals with hand-written banners, as well as to various selfie memes and hashtag actions, spread on social media as actions of protest and political or social statements. Their circulation is global, and their iconography is often deceivingly similar, yet their motivations, causes and context vary – some stand against police abuse or military occupation, others call for clearer cities or smaller classrooms, yet others promote a charity cause or a social awareness, and there are those that incite violence or call for a war. While some perform citizenship as a form of nationalism, other mobilise notions of global citizenship, and yet others operate in contexts where citizenship is absent, in question or violently denied. Such mobilisation of the selfie genre – understood broadly as self-portraits in viral digital circulation –challenges the prevalent popular view of selfies as narcissistic, inherently a-political and even anti-social. Yet selfie citizenship -- as a political, affective, visual and networked phenomenon, as a performance and a social and aesthetic practice-- still remains to be theorised, both as a framework for different understanding of selfies, and as a way to think differently about citizenship in the social media age.
Possible topics include, but are not limited to
• “Acts of citizenship” (Isin 2008) and selfie performativity
• Selfies and affective citizenship
• Selfie citizenship and “impossible subjects”
• Selfie actions across borders and contexts
• Biopolitics, necropolitics and selfie protest
• Visibility/invisibility regimes and selfie citizenship
• Selfie citizenship and surveillance
• Selfies and the limits of digital citizenship
• Selfie citizenship and consumerism
• Selfie citizenship and digital labour
• Selfies and “hashtag solidarity” (Mottahedeh 2015) 
• Selfie citizenship and algorithms
• Selfie citizenship and biometric governance
Submission guidelines
Please submit a 300 word abstract, together with a short bio for each author,
to Dr Adi Kuntsman a.kuntsman at mmu.ac.uk , by 1st of July 2015.
Abstract and bio submission 1 July 2015
Successful contributors notified 15 July 2015
Full chapters submitted and sent
to peer review 1 October 2015
Revised chapter submission 31 January 2016
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