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Tue Jun 23 02:40:39 PDT 2015

Dear AoIRists,
Please pass along the following announcement to potentially interested
Department of Media and Communication
Doctoral research fellowship within Media Innovation

A full-time position as a PhD Fellow (SKO 1017) in Media Studies,
specializing in Media Innovation is available at the Department of Media
and Communication, University of Oslo (please see

Media Studies is defined here as the interdisciplinary study of the modern
media, their form and content, institutions and use, their political,
social, cultural and aesthetic contexts, using approaches from the Social
Sciences and the Humanities.

Media Innovations is a prioritized research area at the Department of Media
and Communication (please see
Media Innovations includes research on how changing technologies and
changing modes of usage and engagement with media bring about media
innovation and transformation of the media sector with perspectives ranging
from institutional and structural conditions, to genres and expressions.

One central field within the research area is Media Innovation by Media
Design. This involves research on how design within Information and
Communication Technologies (ICTs) and media industries interact with media
innovations both narrowly considered (e.g., within journalism, education,
etc.) and more broadly considered, i.e., recognizing that media innovations
are interwoven with larger social and political contexts.

The PhD fellowship is within this field of Media Innovation by Media
Design. Projects are particularly encouraged that develop, realize and test
in practice, new approaches to design that expand beyond current models.
Projects that study media innovation by media design in the industry will
also be considered. In both cases, projects are welcomed that foster media
innovations explicitly oriented towards human beings as citizens, not
solely as users or consumers.--
For the complete announcement, including application details, please see:

Many thanks,
- charles ess

Professor in Media Studies
Department of Media and Communication
University of Oslo

Director, Centre for Research in Media Innovations (CeRMI)
Editor, The Journal of Media Innovations
President, INSEIT <www.inseit.net>

Postboks 1093
Blindern 0317
Oslo, Norway
c.m.ess at media.uio.no

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