[Air-L] Lists of tools for online media research

Rainer Hillrichs hillrichs at uni-bonn.de
Sun Jun 28 02:02:28 PDT 2015

Dear all,

I'm the coordinator of the workgroup 'new media' at the Network of European
Cinema and Media Studies (NECS) - a small workgroup really.

Last week there was the annual NECS conference in Lodz, Poland. The
workgroup organized a workshop by the title "Archiving and Archives in
Online Media Research."

In the follow-up of the workshop the idea came up to collect a list of
tools and accompanying tutorials for archiving, citing, and otherwisely
researching websites. Such a list could be informing for researchers and
students and should be editable (e.g. like a wiki).

As a first step – in order to decide if there is really a need – we
decided to survey what is already out there.

So here is the question: What lists of tools are out there? What (other)
tools do you think would have to be part of such a list?

One list that I know of myself is the “ToolDatabase” of the *Digital Media
Initiative, *https://wiki.digitalmethods.net/Dmi/ToolDatabase. It is not
editable and does not contain tools for citation though.

By the way: I'm really excited about the fact that IR17 will be held in



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