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Mon May 4 21:00:57 PDT 2015

conference on Open Source and Free Software. Make no mistake, it will be about 
the social science side of the issue and promises to be an interesting week. 

More information is available on our website,

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Bernie Hogan
Here's the latest press release:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELASE February 17, 2004 

Please feel free to forward to other interested parties. 

Open Source Conference to Showcase Pioneers 

The May 9 to 11 University of Toronto conference on Open Source and 
Free Software: Concepts, Controversies, and Solutions is pleased to 
announce its keynote session featuring three leading thinkers and 

Eben Moglen, Columbia law school professor and legal counsel to the 
Free Software Foundation, has recently described "free software" as 
"a social movement with specific political goals which will 
characterize not only the production of software in the twenty-first 
century, but the production and distribution of culture generally". 
In addition to winning the Electronic Frontier Foundation's 2003 
Pioneer award for his work with the FSF, he has helped ensure the 
viability of the pioneering GPL free software license. 

In this panel, Moglen will be joined by Apache Co-Founder Brian 
Behlendorf. Open Source Apache web servers are currently the world's 
most popular choice, outnumbering all other competitors combined two 
to one. Behlendorf is also the founder and CTO of Collabnet and was 
one of the original engineers of Wired Online and HotWired magazine. 
Behlendorf notes that Open Source technology is on the "tipping 
point" between useful strategy for some business and a crucial part 
of the business world's day-to-day business. 

Rounding out this panel is Rishab Aiyer Ghosh, founding editor of 
First Monday, the world's most widely read online peer-reviewed 
journal, with over 100,000 articles download per month. Additionally, 
Ghosh is programme leader at the International Institute of 
Infonomics, University of Maastricht, where he was lead author of the 
European Commission-sponsored FLOSS study on Free Software / Open 

More information on the conference can be found at 
<> . 
Other sessions deal with legal, political, and policy issues; 
business models; technical issues; applications to health and 
medicine; and open access and open content. Early bird registration 
continues until the end of February. 

The Conference is brought to you by the University of Toronto 
Knowledge Media Design Institute, Connaught International Symposia 
Fund, Center for Innovation Law and Policy, Citizen Lab of the Munk 
Centre for International Studies, Department of Computer Science, 
Information Policy Research Program, and the University of Toronto 
Libraries and its Resource Centre for Academic Technology. We 
acknowledge the support of Communications and Information Technology 
Ontario, the IBM Centre for Advanced Studies, the Linux Professional 
Institute, Seneca College, the Ontario Ministry of of Economic 
Development and Trade, Caseware International, Openflows Networks 
Ltd, and The Commons Group. 

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