[Air-L] HICSS 2016 - CFP: Space, Location Data, and Social Media Information

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Wed May 6 09:51:49 PDT 2015

Hello all,

Building off of last year, we are organizing a mini-track for HICSS 49
centered around engagements with and analyses of location information as
part of the Digital and Social Med Track.

The full CFP is available here:

Details follow:

We call for papers that address the production, capture, and study of
location information in social media through both technical and theoretical
perspectives. Papers are encouraged to address ‘location information’ in a
broad sense that includes both precise geolocated coordinates and more
general expressions of space and place. This includes, but is not limited
to, papers that: offer new technical and methodological solutions to the
capture, interpretation, analysis or visualization of spatial media;
examine the epistemological and ontological effects of spatial social media
upon users; present empirical work on the creation or consumption of
spatial social media; advance our understanding of how spatial social media
relate to social and political processes; present new work on the role of
economic forces in the creation and use of spatial social media, for
example, location-specific advertising; or explore spatial social media as
a means of better understanding urban and non-urban environments. More
specifically, we encourage papers that engage with the following topics or
related areas:
Spatial Informatics, data mining and data exploration of spatial information
Crowdsourced spatial information
Resistance and/or surveillance through spatial digital information and
social media
Mapping Social media for humanitarian efforts
FOSS technologies for location aware research
Social media and citizen science initiatives
Governmental Open Data distributed through social media
Gendered representations in spatial digital information and social media
Ethical considerations associated with the use of spatial digital media for
information sharing
Scale and information relevance related to social media networks and
Qualitative research on the use of spatial social media by end-users and
New or alternative methodological techniques for the collection, analysis
and visualization of spatial social media information.

The deadline for submission is June 15th, 2015. Please see author
instructions for submission informationhere

If you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to contact the
Jim Thatcher jethatch at uw.edu
Britta Ricker bricker0 at uw.edu
Stéphane Roche stephane.roche at scg.ulaval.ca

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