[Air-L] Charles Ess on "internet studies"

André Brock andre.brock at gmail.com
Tue May 19 22:39:52 PDT 2015

> Drawing on disciplines throughout the natural sciences, social sciences,
> and the humanities, Internet Studies explores Internet-facilitated human
> (and machine) communication with characteristic (but not exclusive) focus
> on how identity, agency, relationship, community, and power interact with
> the affordances of Internet-based communication technologies, often with a
> careful view towards larger ethical, social, political, cultural, economic,
> legal, and other human contexts. Internet Studies further includes
> meta-theoretical development and refinement of various research
> methodologies; specific attention to the ethical challenges and possible
> resolutions to these challenges that arise in the course of such research;
> and the histories of the Internet, including web history as a domain in its
> own right.

This is awesome, Charles!  I'll keep looking at it to see if there's
anything to add - i'm thinking that cultural influences on 'internet
culture' might be something to consider.

Andre Brock
Assistant Professor - Communication Studies
University of Michigan

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