[Air-L] #ir16 T-shirts?

Alex Halavais alex at halavais.net
Thu May 21 22:06:47 PDT 2015

Wouldn't you like a cool IR16 conference T-shirt--you know, to wear on
the beach at your next conference in Kauai, San Francisco, Fukuoka,
Seattle, , or... Philadelphia? Me too! Unfortunately, my design sense
is stuck in some unidentifiable decade on another unidentifiable
planet. Which is where you come in...

The Very Official IR16 Design Competition

If you are handy with Illustrator (or with colored pencils), you may
very well be the designer of our next T-shirt. Submit your art by June
30th, as an attachment to ir16 at aoir.org, and we will choose a winner.

What does the winner get? Funny you should ask. First, immeasurable
glory and the deep admiration of their peers, many of whom will be
wearing an original design of your own making (please do not include
any images you do not have the rights to, and use no more than three
colors). Second, an awesome T-shirt in the size of your choosing.
Third, some undisclosed gift; the most I can disclose is that it will
not be very large in size or very valuable, except in the
thought-counting way.

What do we get? Rights to produce your design on T-shirts, and sell
them to IR16 attendees.

If you have any questions, please direct them to your conference hosts
at ir16 at aoir.org

Disclosure: Yes, I fully recognize that design competitions and spec
work generally devalue the significant creative energy and time that
design requires. Were we planning on profiting from your work, it
would easily be considered exploitative. Instead, we hope that your
contribution will be in the spirit of AoIR: a volunteer organization.


Alex Halavais


// Alexander Halavais, Sociologist, Semiologist, and Saboteur Extraordinaire
// Associate Professor of Social Technologies, Arizona State University
// http://alex.halavais.net/bio     @halavais

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