[Air-L] The World Social Forum is coming to North America (for the first time) in August 2016 (Montreal) - what might be the AOIR's community's interests in convening there?

Becky Lentz roberta.lentz at mcgill.ca
Sat May 23 15:31:55 PDT 2015

To pick up on Elodie¹s question, 'we need to add an international view on
how the Internet is defined and used¹, an opportunity is forthcoming to
get at least one of some of those views at the forthcoming World Social
Forum in August 2016 in Montreal. Might the global aoir community consider
proposing a convergence of interested aoir scholars and friends for the
next Forum as part of the process of reimagining internet studies given
all the changes that have taken place of late and that will clearly
continue to evolve re the nature of what we understand to be ¹the
internet¹? Some on this list may know about the recent Internet Social
Forum conversation convened at the 2015 Forum in Tunis, which is another
link that might be cultivated/pursued.


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