[Air-L] Internet Studies - round two

Charles Ess charles.ess at gmail.com
Mon May 25 04:08:41 PDT 2015

Dear AoIRists,

Dear AoIRists,

First of all, a thousand thanks to a great number of people who have made
substantive comments and critical suggestions regarding a first effort to
respond to the questions "What is Internet Studies?" and "What makes
Internet Studies hang together?"

The initial posting sparked an unusually productive discussion on a certain
well-known social networking site, initiated by André Brock: again, a
thousand thanks to André Brock, Alex Halavais, Radhika Gajjala, Lois
Scheidt, Nancy Baym, Jeremy Hunsinger, Siva Vaidhyanathan, Florence Chee,
Christian Sandvig, Lisa Nakamura, Jessie Daniels, Andrew Herman, Adeline
Koh, Christian Fuchs, Miriam Sweeney, Niels Ole Finnemann, Jean Burgess,
Ingbert Schmidt, Jamey Fletcher, Alice Daer, Jessie Daniels, Safiya Umoja
Noble, Teresa Senft, Cliff Lampe, Shane Tilton,

As well as on the AoIR list: ditto to Barry Wellman, Becky Lenz, Elodie
Crispel, Amanda Lagerkvist, Lisa Heinz, and Pam Estes Brewer.

(And very sorry if I missed anyone!)

I've now had a chance to substantially revise and expand what increasingly
looks like the outline of a massively-multi-authored chapter, if not
another anthology ...  It can be visited at


Of course, any additional comments and suggestions welcome – obviously,
this is a work in progress (I hope there’s progress …)

Very best,

- charles ess

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