[Air-L] Meet the Candidates for the AoIR Executive Committee

Jennifer Stromer-Galley jstromer at syr.edu
Mon May 11 06:01:57 PDT 2015

Thanks, Ben, for clarifying this!  The joys of technology . . .

Just an FYI that I've posted questions now to all of the candidate positions. Anyone who is a member (hint, hint, now is a great time to become a member so you can really have an impact on the Association) can post questions to the candidates, and can login to the member site to see the discussion. 


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Okay following up on this - this is a clear case of candidate fail!

I suffered at the hands of the power of default.  Our profiles in the AoIR membership system are set to be locked down in privacy terms, and of course this translates into the discussion facility.

If you want to comment or are a candidate, I recommend you visit privacy settings and open them up.  Of course, I realise some people might want to comment anonymously - if so you you might want to visit privacy to lock things back down!

Candidates, we really do need to open up our profiles though otherwise no one can work out who’s saying what unless we put our name at the top/bottom of a post.  But also, the discussion digest won’t list your name, just anonymous, if you don’t open it up so any workaround might not be that helpful.

Cheers, B. such fail, many redness, much honesty WOW!


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