[Air-L] What personal significance does the internet have for users?

Daniel Jung jung at uib.no
Tue May 12 16:02:19 PDT 2015


In an article I am preparing, I write about an African informant's 
personal assessment of what the internet means to him. He underlines 
that the internet is a direct extension of previous technology like 
telegraph, telefax, and that it continues to offer "Verschriftlichung" 
(putting oral into writing). After describing his view, I claim:

"I have a hunch that European users would rather emphasize speed, 
convenien­ce, ubiquity and access to the realm of information, than the 
/solidifying /of information."

But this is just a hunch, and I don't know if I am correct. Are there 
studies to back up or refute my claim? Are there surveys contrasting 
users (by culture or age) in their perception of what the internet means?

Thanks for any pointers!

Daniel Jung

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