[Air-L] Meet the Candidates for the AoIR Executive Committee

Ben Light ben.light at qut.edu.au
Sun May 10 23:46:38 PDT 2015

Okay following up on this - this is a clear case of candidate fail!

I suffered at the hands of the power of default.  Our profiles in the AoIR
membership system are set to be locked down in privacy terms, and of
course this translates into the discussion facility.

If you want to comment or are a candidate, I recommend you visit privacy
settings and open them up.  Of course, I realise some people might want to
comment anonymously - if so you you might want to visit privacy to lock
things back down!

Candidates, we really do need to open up our profiles though otherwise no
one can work out who’s saying what unless we put our name at the
top/bottom of a post.  But also, the discussion digest won’t list your
name, just anonymous, if you don’t open it up so any workaround might not
be that helpful.

Cheers, B. such fail, many redness, much honesty WOW!

On 11/05/2015 16:37, "Ben Light" <ben.light at qut.edu.au> wrote:

>Hi all, and Anna in particular,
>I¹m copying to the list just so other candidates see this and also anyone
>wanting to post to the discussion board.  I¹ve noticed that even though I
>was logged into the system when I posted my replies this morning, my post
>is coming up as anonymous.  When I entered my replies to questions this
>morning, the system did say I was authoring as Ben Light. It seems some
>other people have also ended up posting as Œanonymous¹  I can¹t see
>anywhere in the system that I¹ve made an error myself.  I know Axel Bruns
>has managed to post as himself. I also saw Axel today and we checked what
>I¹d done and he can¹t see anything that differentiates our posts.   Any
>ideas anyone - it¹s gonna get messy if we can¹t see who¹s asking questions
>and who¹s replying :O)
>Apologies if this is a big candidate fail, but I thought either way it¹d
>be good for us all to know what¹s what.
>In the meantime, I have replied to a few posts and popped my name in the
>text so you can see it¹s me! #workaround
>Best wishes, 
>Ben Light
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